Camp rock en ingles

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Camp Rock
Mitchie is a normal girl like all others, she has an incredible voice is very good for singing, has a dream to attend the camp most famous of all time ''Camp Rock'' the only problem isthat his parents do not have enough money to pay, his mother managed to get work in the camp, preparing food for all the members. Mitchie writes her own songs and takes them to ''camp rock''. Arriving atthe camp are a welcome and Tess inadvertently pushes the daughter of one of the most famous singers, she is jealous and wants everyone to do what she says as her mother is paying most of thecamp.Mitchie distribute the food that your mother made and the way you see a piano and starts singing and Shane one of the most famous rock musicians listening and falls in love with his voice, when it comesto trying to see who is the girl she disappears. At lunchtime Mitchie meets Tess and excited because she wanted to be her friend. She knew that if his mother told him that the cook was not going toaccept as a friend so they lied saying that his mother was the president of one of the most popular channels in China. Tess believed her and invite her to sleep in your cabin along with her friends.When Mitchie this unpacking takes his notebook of songs and Tess sees him and asks him to sing.
One day Shane walks into the kitchen and Mitchie recognizes your voice, and put flour in his face so hewould not discover and says he is very rude and demanding entering the food was ugly. Time after Mitchie is singing the lake and finds Shane and asks forgiveness for interrupting but he still carrycrude until at last he manages to get a smile and from there they fall in love and are friends. Shane wrote a song for Mitchie and one day decided to take a ride on the lake. Tess saw them and got jealousbecause she also likes Shane. One day when Shane talked to the owner of the camp about the girl who heard Tess heard the song and acknowledged, she ran to the cabin and saw Mitchie's songs and...
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