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SWOT analisys

-strong Leadership
-product differentiation
-strong brandname
-first company database
-massive advertisement
-bigproduction capacity

-do not own the whole companies
-troubles with internationalization

-growth – buying companies
-get profit

-no full power innew companies
-if they stop creating new ideas

Comparative analisys of the case study

This company is a cashcow, so it requires little investment and gives a lot of profit. Also,the growth will be very hard because of that. The main idea is that during the development of new projects this company is a base, and it has always been, because in the beginning, thestrong basement of Campofrio is what allowed the company to move to the international market – it required a lot of finances, which were taken from it.

Having instaled a productivecapacity of 300.000 tn/year, makes them to have a competitive advantage much superior than the sector. That allows them to work with a lesser cost than the media sector.


Campofrio starts the international expantion in the end of 1980. Being really consolidated in 2003. That was risk purpose for the company to adapt for the food preferences ofthe clients in different markets. They have generally archieved that this strategy of establishing alliances with local companies. Trying to find opportunities in countries with highpotential for growth. Also participating financially, giving some technological assistance and marketing support, which makes them implement the brand. With this kind of policy they pretendedto minimize the risk of entry into the countries at the same time using the structures that already exist in those countries and this way acquiring faster development for the projects.
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