Campus vs. apartment

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Campus or Apartment
There are a lot of differences between living on campus or living in an apartment, but the ones I consider the most important are the way the student focuses on his chores, how involved does the student want to be, the transportation, and of course, the cost.
By being at the campus a student enters a “study-time mood” in which it is easier to concentrate on school, do choresand study. In a dorm the student has his own liberty to do whatever he wants; but by being surrounded by more students and this same “studying mood” the influences are more than likely good. Thus, and the student will feel the necessity to finish his obligations before getting distracted with something else. With this kind of distraction it is hard to get distracted. Most students own a personalcomputer, with which they can do their homework, but in case they lack one or it breaks; there are always more computers on campus, or, a library nearby.
Leaving campus gives the student an air of relief and a “party mood” or a “relaxing mood” where a student can hardly concentrate on doing his/her homework because they feel it is too much work and can probably just do it later. Off campus thereare often many more distractions, and most of them are not as good as extracurricular activities. Students can get distracted and pointed in the wrong direction by these distractions. Most of the students that live in an apartment are sharing the rent with someone else, and this other person is not always a student, nor a good influence. As well as other students, these off campus students mayalso have a personal computer, but in case it breaks, there may be neither a cyber café nor a library nearby.
A student that lives on campus can find many different things to do, and most of these things are related to school activities; such as sports, art, academic clubs and more. Through these activities a student can pass their free time enjoying being part of the college. They can also enjoythe company of other students with similar likes and most likely are good influences, and presumably good friends. In case students do not want to be too involved in school activities, they can decide not to and find more appealing things to do either in the college or out of college, with no problems at all.
Living in an apartment off campus would clearly complicate the student’s wish to beinvolved in these school activities as he/she might like to be. This is because of the distance and the lack of contact with the school’s surroundings. If students want to be involved in any extracurricular activities it will be harder for them to travel to their apartments and then travel back to school and actually make it on time. This will cause the students to rush and give them less time tofinish homework and much less study; and it will probably seem like too much work, especially under this “relaxing mood” and eventually the student will decide not to go. This decision will give the student a lot of free time that can be used wrongly by getting involved in the wrong out-of-school activities.
For a student living in a dorm, the transportation will indubitably not be a problem in aconsiderable percentage of the things the student needs to do. Most of a day of an average student consists of spending time on campus—during classes, going to eat at the cafeteria, going to the gym, going to the dorm to sleep, doing homework, going to the library and other similar things. In the case of a student who does not own a car, but would like to do more activities outside of college there isno problem because of the college transportation system; which would drive the student out to the most popular places to socialize.
In the case of a student that lives out of the college it is more than likely for the student to have a need for a car. The car will be used several times a day—one to go to class, and the other one to come back to his/her own apartment. This will ultimately...
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