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Camuy was founded in 1807 by Petronila Matos, and formerly part of Arecibo is located in the northwestern coastal region of Puerto Rico. Camuy depended from Arecibo in thejudiciary and military area on 1898. It was officially separated from Quebradillas in March 5, 1894. In its beginnings Camuy was integrated into the Party of San Antonio de la Tuna. The "parties" weregreat extensions of land that divided Puerto Rico. This region today is known as Isabela. At the time the party covered the area between Aguadilla and Arecibo, what is known today as themunicipalities of Camuy, Hatillo, Quebradillas, Isabela, Utuado, and San Sebastián.
Camuy was divided in 12 Districts/Wards: Abra Honda, Camuy Arriba, Cibao, Ciénagas, Membrillo, Piedra Gorda, Puente,Puertos, Quebrada, Santiago, Yeguada, and Zanja.
Origin of the Name
Camuy was derived from the Taíno language, although a number of legends give differing explanations for the origin of the name.One such legend claims the name comes from the Taíno word for "sun", another claims derivation from camuy, Taíno for "beautiful scenery", and still another states that Camuy was the name of the Taínochief, called Yumac, with the letters inverted. The "sun" legend is reflected in the coat of arms for the municipality.
Camuy is today known as:
• Romantic City – A very famous romantic radio stationappeared in the early 80's in the town and listeners from across the northern region tuned in every evening.
• City of the Areneros – Named after the abundance of sand in the coastline as well asthe famous Doble AA baseball team, "Los Arenosos".
• City of the Taíno Sun – Name after Taino mythology. It is believed that Camuy meant "Sun".
Camuy is a municipality in Puerto Ricolocated on the Valley of Quebradillas, bordering the Atlantic Ocean, north of Lares; east of Quebradillas; and west of Hatillo. Camuy is spread over 12 wards and Camuy Pueblo (The downtown area and...
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