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  • Publicado : 1 de febrero de 2011
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First of all we would like to talk about people in Canada. In 2001, there were over one million single-parent families in Canada; furthermore women headedover 80 percent of these families. As history mention, In 1995, there were about 430,000 step families in Canada. This represents about 10 percent of the familieswith two parents and children. In Canada you will find many other kinds of families, including. Two-parent’s families, One-parent families, Same-sex couples, with orwithout children, couples with no children- on the other hand. The favorite foods of Canadians vary slighty from to religion to region, and are strongly influencedtheir family heritage. Besides the economy of Canada is quite advanced an most of the people enjoy high standard of living. In fact, Canada has an abundance of naturalresources, such as forest, minerals, fish, and hydroelectric power. Moreover, taking about technologies Canada is ranked into the five first positions in the world.Thanks o its focusing on software development “The New York Times” recognized it as an example of developed country last week. Moreover Canada’s contribution intelecommunications industry, it has improved the renewables and alternates usages of energy; for example the introduction in the market of a cell phone with photocells as awas to save energy… and money. In conclusion, people who like snow, quit, night and interesting frozen places have to visit Canada. Also, take in mind exotic food,beautiful girls, extreme sports, etc… so do not forget to consider Canada as a possibility for you, if you like to try new things you will consider it ¡¡¡

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