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What was the first Canadian culture?
-The oldest Canadian culture comes from Canadian native people or Inuit.
-In 1999, the Canadian government made territories for Inuit that is called Nunavut.-The Inuit have their own language and culture, but their way of life is changing.
-The Inuit use to live in igloos and traveled with dog sleds or kayak, now they live in wooden houses or in brickhouses and now they travel in snowmobile and watch television, those changes are happening because other culture are influencing them.

What cultures exist in Canada?
-The French people explore andsettled along the St.Lawrence River.
-In 1867 the British gave the Canadians the right to govern themselves.
-the population of Canada has increased the population from 3.4 million people to 33million people.
-Many immigrants come from Europe, Asia, Africa, and Arab countries now make 6% of Canada’s population.
-Most of those immigrants settle in Vancouver.

What languages do Canadianspeak?
-Most Canadian’s speak English , but in Quebec, most people speak French.
-Canada is a bilingual country because in some parts of Canada the road sings are in French and English.
-Many Canadian’sspak other languages.

What religions do Canadians practice?
-82% of the Canadians are Christian, but other Canadians brig their own religion, and in big cities people follow different religionaround the world.
-The Inuit people have their own religion.

Where do most Canadians live?
-70% of Canadians live in urban areas like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.
-The center of culture ofindustry and finance is located in Ontario, Toronto .
-Finance is the and management of money by ban and businesses.
-Toronto has Canada’s largest stock exchange.
-People that live in Toronto comefrom all the world, is like New York City in United States.
The center of French Canadian culture is in Quebec, Montreal.
-In Quebec the theaters and news papers are in French, it also has two...
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