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Tow city helps me to develop `my personality improves my English and life guality.

Street Theater in Bogota
Every two years the street theater and the city is taken at thistime of the troupes, storytellers, mimes and jugglers come together and taken to Bogota, with all his party and energy to turn the city into a magical space.
Comedy and drama are the genres mostshine on the streets of the capital. There, children, youth and adults learn about the different stories, while travel to worlds of fantasy and color.
The beginnings of street theater date back toancient Greece where the travelers arrived in the city of Athens and had their travel adventures. Today these works are carried out in every city in the world, bringing theater to the street as a popularexpression.
Street theater is a cultural expression that was created to bring theater to the people expressions, instead of having people pay an entrance to a room it was decided that the works go onthe street.
In a different place, descontracturado without teatroconvencional technical conditions, this new style has earned its place in various cities in Colombia as Bogota and Buenos Aires,Madrid, Valencia and Seville among others.
The street plays are generally different to those set out in the theaters, being almost always group creations which uses the context in which they develop, andsome have involved the public.
The actors are amateurs but professionals are opting for this type of work ideologically to share what is transmitted with these popular performances.
Most works havea background and social content, which promotes the social struggle and change, the daring to break with the established structures and limits (in the beginning were the pillars).

The history goesback to Greece in the V century, where the travelers arrived in the city and began to tell their stories elapsed during travel, sharing adventures with people who are coming to listen.Several...
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