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  • Publicado : 24 de febrero de 2012
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Cancer is a terrible disease it does not only affect the person with the illness it also affects the entire family. This terrible disease affects all the body including the emotional andpsychological part. Because when you find out that you have cancer you think that you are going to die. Why this happen? Well we all know that scientifics have not found the cure for cancer; as a result we thinkthat if we have cancer our live is over. What they forget about is with or without cancer we all going to die the difference is if you stop living because of this illness. This terrible illness hasthe power to affect not only your body but your mind. Imagine a child about 5 years old is diagnose with cancer if it is a grown up and is a devastating notice just imagine the pain it will cause forthis child. The complete family goes down is like there is no remedy and even with treatment it will not be cured. As a result this child may have a lot of emotional problems, he or she will see thelife so far for him. People think that if you have cancer you are already death. I know is not easy to a family or for a child to accept that new form of living because probably he will not be able togrow up like a normal child with all the treatment and the changes on his or her body. People misunderstand and is obviously because it is easy for me to say that cancer is just another disease and thatyou have to keep living but nobody knows how is like until the live it. I come from a family that many of my aunts and cousins had cancer some of them die because of this illness and some of them areliving a complete normal life. Is all about how we learn to see cancer, how we accept it and how we learn to fight with it. It is not easy for a person with cancer to accept it they might go intodepression. The depression is not always bad the few that I know about psychology is that sometimes depression is necessary if it does not go to the limits. Having depression in a situation like these...
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