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  • Publicado : 11 de diciembre de 2011
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Right now
well it's finally time to face my fears
gunna get the hell out of here
and create a fresher atmosphere
but the consequences clear
There's a furnace set on high
and the yearning undefyed
but it's time to turn the tide
it's social suicide
Like you
perserverence is a useless tool
just a patron on a ship of fools
painting interest in the cast andcrew
why you've broken every single rule
There's a furnace set on high
and the yearning undefyed
but it's time to turn the tide
it's social suicide
Shadows entertain me
i don't want it masses
shadows explain their known reactions
i don't even know if i can ever find truth
but i'm sure it wont come from far away
There's a furnace set on high
and the yearning undefyed
but it's time toturn the tide
it's social suicide

I don't need to be a global citizen
because i'm blessed by nationality
i'm member of a growing populace
we enforce our popularity
there are things that
seem to pull us under
and there are things
that drag us down
but there's a power
and a vital presence
thats lurking all around
we've got the american jesus
see him on the interstatewe've got the american jesus
he helped build the
president's estate
i feel sorry
for the earth's population
'cuz so few
live in the u.s.a.
at least the foreigners
can copy our morality
they can visit but they cannot stay
only precious few
can garner the prosperity
it makes us walk
with renewed confidence
we've got a place to go when we die
and the architect resides right here
we'vegot the american jesus
overwhelming millions every day
(exercising his authority)
he's the farmers barren fields
the force the army wields
the expession in the faces
of the starving children
the power of the man
he's the fuel that drives the clan
he's the motive and conscience
of the murderer
he's the preacher on t.v.
the false sincerity
the form letter that's written
by the bigcomputers
he's the nuclear bombs
and the kids with no moms
and i'm fearful that
he's inside me

She said 
thanks but i'm broken 
i guess 
you must have misspoken 
what a laugh 
i've never been chosen by anyone 
She was barely a teen 
hanging out in between 
just a part of the scene 
with mercurial smile 
and incurable style 
she was only a dream 
how's that 
he didn't know athing about 
making love to the kind of girl you read about 
He said 
i'm bound to be broken 
my daddy bet 
that i'd amount to nothing 
he won't let anybody show him anything 
He was a troubled child 
had been down for a while 
always kept to himself 
no she couldn't defend 
he only wanted a friend 
now he's made something else 
it's so sad no one saw it coming 
the paper said thathe hit the ground running 
Oh yeah 
i know i'm not broken 
a little cracked 
but still i'm not broken 
i wanna laugh but i think that i'm choking on reality 
When the 
world is turning for you 
don't turn on me 
who are you here to repair 
well i don't know what you mean 
you could never resist 
glorifying despair 
well now it's coming to you and i don't really care 
Well i'm not the kind to insist 
you couldn't have missed 
we must co exist 
so please listen to me 
there is no such thing as human debris 
Oh yeah 
i know i'm not broken 
a little cracked 
but dad i'm not so nothing 
i wanna laugh 
i'm not joking 
I'm unbroken 
oh yeah i said i'm unbroken 
i said i'm unbroken 
a little cracked it's just a token 
i'm really not broken 
what a guess i'm unbrokenI LOVE MY COMPUTER
I love my computer
you make me feel alright
every waking hour
and every lonely night
i love my computer
for all you give to me
predictable errors and no identity
and it's never been quite so easy
i've never been quite so happy
all i need to do is click on you
and we'll be joined
in the most soul-less way
and we'll never
ever ruin each other's day
cuz when i'm...
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