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Inside in/Inside Out(2006)

1.- Seaside 2.- See The World 3.- Sofa Song 4.- Eddie's Gun5.- Ooh La 6.- You Don't Love Me 7.- She Moves In Her Own Way8.- Matchbox 9.- Naive10.- I Want You Back 11.- If Only12.- Jackie Big Tits 13.- Time Awaits --14.- Got No Love --

Inside in/inside Out Acoustic (2007)

1.-Seaside (Live Abbey Road) (Acoustic) 2.- See The World (LiveAbbey Road) (Acoustic) 3.- Sofa Song (Live Abbey Road) (Acoustic) 4.- Eddie's Gun (Live Abbey Road) (Acoustic) 5.- Ooh La (Live Abbey Road) (Acoustic) 6.- You Don't Love Me (Live Abbey Road) (Acoustic) 7.- She Moves In Her Own Way (Live @ Abbey Road (Acoustic)8.- Matchbox (Live @ Abbey Road) (Acoustic) 9.- Naive (Live Abbey Road) (Acoustic) 10.- Jackie Big Tits (Live Abbey Road(Acoustic)11.- TimeAwaits (Live Abbey Road) (Acoustic)12.-Eddie's Gun (Live At Osaka) 13.-Naive (Live At Osaka) 14.-She Moves In Her Own Way (Live At Osaka) 15.-California (Live At Osaka)

1.- See the Sun2.- Always Where I Need To Be 3.- Mr. Maker 4.- Do You Wanna 5.- Gap 6.- Love It All 7.- Stormy Weather 8.- Sway 9.- Shine On--10.- Down to the Market --11.- One Last Night 12.- Tick of Time13.- All OverTown (hidden track)


1.- See The Sun 2.- Always Where I Need To Be 3.- Mr. Maker 4.- Do You Wanna 5.- Gap 6.- Love It All 7.- Stormy Weather 8.- Sway 9.- Shine On --10.- Down To The Market --11.- One Last Night 12.- Tick of Time13.- All Over Town (hidden track) --


1.- Watching The Ships Roll In 2.- Eaten By Your Lover 3.- No Longer --4.- Fa La La La La --5.- Nothing EverChanges 6.- By My Side 7.- Hatful Of Love --8.- See The Sun (Alternate Version) --9.- Brooklyn (Home Demo) --


Unrelease Acoustic Studio Songs
1.- Belly Love (Acoustic Studio)2.- Crazy(Acoustic Studio)3.- Bus Song(Studio) --4.- Do You Love Her(Acoustic Studio)5.- Do You Love Still(Studio)6.- Give In (Acoustic Studio)----7.- Bad Taste In My Mouth (Acoustic Studio)8.- Put YourBack To My Face (Acoustic Studio)--9.- Hiding Low (Acoustic Studio)10.- When She Was Mine (Acoustic Studio)--11.- This Situation (Acoustic Studio)--12.- The Window Song (Acoustic Studio)--13.- The King And I(Studio)--14.- Tea And Biscuits(Studio)--15.- Be Mine(Studio)--16.- Slave To The Game(Studio)--17.- Pull Me In(Studio)--18.- Lonlely Cat (Acoustic Studio)--

Are Coming

1.- Sofa song2.- Naive 3.- Tell them from me --4.- GAP 5.- Pull me in --6.- Something to say-- 7.- 1984 --8.- Matchbox 9.- Lesson No. 3 --10.- Bus song --11.- In my opinion-- 12.- Suburbs---


1.- Do You Love Her --2.- Be Mine 3.- In My Opinion --4.- Lonely Cat --5.- Slave to the Game --6. The King and I --7.- Pull Me In --8.- Hiding Low 9.- I love That Girl --10.- All that She Wants (Aceof Bace Cover) --11.- Belly Love 12.- Put Your Back To My Face ---13.- Crazy (Gnarls Barkley Cover) --14.- Bus Song --15.- The Window Song --16.- Do You Love Me Still 17.- I Already Miss You --18.- Give In --19.- Tea & Biscuits --20.- Something To Say --21.- You Don't Love Me (Live) --22.- This Situation (Acoustic) --23.- Ask me (Live & Acoustic) --24.- See The World (Live & Acoustic) --25.- LubyToo (live)-- 26.- When She Was Mine--


The Kooks: Cover´s

Despair In The Departure Lounge(Arctic Monkeys) --Just Like A Woman(Bob Dylan) --Kids(MGMT) --Crazy (Gnral Barkley)--Roxanne(The Police) --Sweet Jane & The Beast Of Burden(The Rolling Stones) --Tangled Up In Blue(Bob Dylan) --Victoria(The Kinks) --Violet Hill(Coldplay) --Young Folks(Peter, Bjorn & John)

ArcticMonkeys - Favorite Worst Nightmare
1. Brianstorm 2. Teddy Picker 3. D Is for Dangerous 4. Balaclava 5. Fluorescent Adolescent (Turner/Bennett) 6. Only Ones Who Know" 7. Do Me a Favour 8. This House Is a Circus 9. If You Were There, Beware 10. The Bad Thing 11. Old Yellow Bricks" (Turner/McClure) 12. 505
Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say

1. The View From The Afternoon 2. I Bet You Look...