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Brand name
The name is based in the popular Canadian cartoon hero Johnny Canuck, the team adopted the last name of the cartoon in 1945 as “Vancouver Canucks”.

* Type of brandname: Personification: “Vancouver Canucks” has a personification name because its brand name is based on Johnny Canuck.
* Product features: The brand name suggests the product features like the nameof the city, reflecting the history and the feeling of patriotism where the team is resident, in this case Vancouver.
* “Vancouver Canucks” is easy to pronounce, write, remember and recognize. Thename complies with all the characteristics of a good brand name.
* The name of “Vancouver Canucks” is short and simple.
* The meaning of “Vancouver Canucks” is pleasing to the eye because thename it’s based on a popular character of the Canadian Culture.
* The name is adaptable for any advertising medium like: TV commercial, Ads and advertising on Internet.
* The name of “VancouverCanucks” is distinctive from the other hockey teams.
* The name is adaptable to lines of products, like Jerseys or any other promotional product.

Brandmark or Logo

Last update:
A stylized killer whale breaking through the ice shaped like a 'C' outlined in silver
Brent Lynch in the late 1990s
Deep blue, blue, grey, white
* The logodesign captured part of the Pacific Northwest region where Vancouver is located in.
* The owner is the company Canucks Sports & Entertainment, previously known as Orca Bay Sports &Entertainment, some people think that the Canucks chose to use an orca since the company that owned the team was once called Orca Bay.
* The team has had thirteen different logos.
* The Vancouver Canuckswas inspired by Pacific Northwest Native art, particularly Haida style. Killer whales are the rulers of the seas and one of the most dominant figures in Pacific Northwest Native culture.
* Colors...
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