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  • Publicado : 2 de marzo de 2012
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We bring you the Charles Perrault version – and he doesn’t mince his words. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ! You may have heard this story before with a happy twist at the end. In this one that doesn’t happen.There’s NO HAPPY ENDING !!!. The Brothers Grimm were more kind to Little Red Riding Hood. (Compare versions if you are interested). The moral of the tale should ring through today “DON’T TALK TOSTRANGERS !!” This is Red Riding Hood’s fatal mistake when she meets the wolf on the way to Grandma’s. Read by Natasha. Duration 7 minutes 10. Original Pictures for Storynory bySophie Green.

[pic]Once upon a time there lived in a certain village a little country girl, the prettiest creature who was ever seen. Her mother was excessively fond of her; and her grandmother doted on her still more.This good woman had a little red riding hood made for her. It suited the girl so extremely well that everybody called her Little Red Riding Hood.
One day her mother, having made some cakes, said toher, “Go, my dear, and see how your grandmother is doing, for I hear she has been very ill. Take her a cake, and this little pot of butter.”
Little Red Riding Hood set out immediately to go to hergrandmother, who lived in another village.
As she was going through the wood, she met with a wolf, who had a very great mind to eat her up, but he dared not, because of some woodcutters working nearbyin the forest. He asked her where she was going. The poor child, who did not know that it was dangerous to stay and talk to a wolf, said to him, “I am going to see my grandmother and carry her a cakeand a little pot of butter from my mother.”
“Does she live far off?” said the wolf
“Oh I say,” answered Little Red Riding Hood; “it is beyond that mill you see there, at the first house in thevillage.”
“Well,” said the wolf, “and I’ll go and see her too. I’ll go this way and go you that, and we shall see who will be there first.”
The wolf ran as fast as he could, taking the shortest path,...