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Little Red Riding Hood

NARRATOR .- Once upon a time there was a girl called Little Red Riding Hood...

MOTHER.- Granny is ill in bed. Be a good girl and take her some food, will you?

RIDING HOOD .- OK, mum. I’ll go there with my basket.

MOTHER .- Here there is a cake, some bread and honey.RIDING HOOD .- OK, mum. I will follow the path in the woods.

MOTHER .- Yes. Please go straight to Granny's and don't speak to any strangers!

NARRATOR .- Little Red Riding Hood is looking for someflowers for her Granny when she meets a wolf...

WOLF .- Where are you going, sweet thing?

RIDING HOOD .- To visit my Granny who is very ill. She lives in the yellow house on the other side ofthe woods.

WOLF .- You don't say! Allow me to escort you. You never know what you may find in the woods.

RIDING HOOD. - Thanks! You are very kind, Mr. Wolf.

WOLF. - Oh, look at thesepretty flowers here! Why not pick a few. Grannies love flowers, you know.

RIDING HOOD. - Thanks, good idea! I will pick some flowers for Granny.

NARRATOR.- But while Little Red Riding Hood waspicking a pretty bouquet, the clever wolf ran to Granny's house and knocked at the door...

GRANNY.- Who is it?

WOLF .- It is I, your "delicious"... uhhm darling grand-daughter.

GRANNY .- Ohcome in, honey. The door is unlocked.

WOLF .- Hello Granny. Surprise!!!!

GRANNY .- Ohhhh! Help!!!! Help!!!!

NARRATOR .- And the wolf gobbled Granny right up. Then he put on her nightcap andwent to bed. Little Red Riding Hood knocked at the door...

WOLF .- (There comes my dessert...) Who is it?

RIDING HOOD .-It is I, your little grand-daughter.

WOLF .- Come in, darling. Thedoor is unlocked.

RIDING HOOD .- Hi! Ohhh, Granny, what big eyes you have!!

WOLF .- The better to see you, my dear.

RIDING HOOD .- And Granny, what long arms you have!!

WOLF .- The...
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