Capital punishment

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  • Publicado : 26 de abril de 2010
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Capital Punishment
Although, some people and some states practice the capital punishment I am in totally disagree. Capital punishment or the death penalty is the execution of a person by judicialprocess as a punishment for an offense. Capital punishment has been practiced in virtually every society, and thus can be considered to be a cultural universal or close to it, excluding those withstate religious proscriptions against it. It is a matter of active controversy in various countries and states, and positions can vary within a single political ideology or cultural region. Today, mostcountries are considered by Amnesty International as abolitionists,[2] which allowed a vote on a nonbinding resolution to the UN to promote the abolition of the death penalty.[3] But more than 60% ofthe worldwide population live in countries where executions take place insofar as the four most populous countries in the world (the People's Republic of China, India, United States and Indonesia)apply the death penalty and are unlikely to abolish it at any time soon.
I am in totally disagreeing for 5 general reasons:
By far the most compelling is this: Sometimes the legal systemgets it wrong. In the last 35 years in the U.S., 130 people have been released from death row because they were exonerated by DNA evidence. These are ALL people who were found guilty“beyond a reasonable doubt.” Unfortunately, DNA evidence is not available in most cases. So, as long as the death penalty is in place, you are pretty much GUARANTEED to occasionally executean innocent person.

Really, that should be reason enough for most people to oppose it. If you need more, read on:

Because of higher pre-trial expenses, longer trials,jury sequestration, extra expenses associated with prosecuting & defending a DP case, and the appeals process (which is necessary see reason #1), it costs taxpayers MUCH more to execute...
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