Capital punishment

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Death Penalty
Capital punishment is always associated with ignorance and intolerance. In fact, we must acknowledge that some people disagree with this kind of penalty but others are totally in favor. For example Peru was one of the South America countries to end this kind of penalty. Since long time ago the tolerance and respect for life are important values. Moreover, we can affirm that all theSouth America countries remain under the same codes. Maybe because of a religious view point, life respect is a typical value in the Catholic Church. However death penalty an issue that has continually created tension in today's society is whether the death penalty serves as a justified and valid form of punishment.
Murders are totally unfair the victims of murders are gone forever. Their hopesa plans have ended permanently, and the pleasures they enjoyed in life have been destroyed. T hey will never see their friends again and will never hear to voices of parents, brother’s n and sister who cry, how this could have happened, but the murderer is still alive. Without Death Penalty, murderers are allowed to participate in and enjoy life.
Today there are murders in prisons all over theworld. Most of them would rather spend their lives in prison than die. This is not surprising since the desire to live is normal and natural. In prison there are many small pleasures that one can enjoy every day like the feeling of warm sunshine, the taste of a hot, and meal, the comfort of sleep. The lifestyle in prison is not always harsh and cruel, many prisoners have the opportunity to continuetheir education, and play sports enjoy movies, and receive visits from their loved ones. There is no a reason why a killer a destroyer of life, should live. Justice requires that each person respect the rights and freedoms of every other person, or be punished for not doing so. The people who commit murder give up their rights to citizenship and life itself. Why should the tax money of citizensincluding the victim’s family keep them alive? The only fair punishment is execution. Execution puts the killer away from society forever, stops him from killing again, and sends a strong message to other who might kill; killers will not be allowed to live. Let sunshine fall on those who respect life not on those who destroy it.
Personally I disagree with capital punishment, because citizens arenot people who take life. I agree with the author because he want to express some important things like, life must be the fundamental principle that all governments should seek, this is a right that is given by a president or any politician. Therefore neither is in our hands the future of anyone's life, which is why we consider as necessary to ensure future lawyers that this principle remainsinviolable. André Herron is disagreeing with the capital punishment, because in many cases defendants are innocents. André Herron in the article the Death Penalty discusses about how to help defendants’ innocence. Herron began he’s law carrier filling “criminals charge that made defendants eligible for execution.” But now a day Herron helps citizens to get fair sentence.
There are times whenmurder is not committed because of cruelty. People may kill for other reason such as anger misunderstanding, and fear. Everyone has made mistakes because of such feeling. For society is a serious mistakes to take the life of someone who has killed because it teaches everyone that forgiveness is unnecessary. The government has the difficult job of deciding who is innocent and who is guilty and thisjob can never be done perfectly. If capital punishment is allowed, there always exists the possibility that an innocent person will be executed by mistake. When that happens an even worse crime has been committed the killing of an innocent person by the government. Then there is the fact that the poor and minorities whites do. Furthermore the idea that capital punishment stops criminals from...
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