Capitalism good or evli?

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Capitalism: good or evil?

Everyday, we can see everything happening around us. For instance, theft, murder, rape among other things. It is difficult toimagine a society in which there is only justice and equality. For example, the capitalism. When a person owes rent, they only have 30 days to find another place orthey get kicked out. They don’t care about if they have somewhere to go or not. Most of the people break their backs working to survive, but life is not easy.We could say it's like a religion, people who have nothing VS people who have it all. There are people who are responsible for using the data of foreclosuresfor bargain. These people are opportunists, individuals without compassion and sensitivity, only interested in money and what they can get with it. Is it possibleto find a solution for this dilemma, or at least a better deal? Unfortunately, people are always doing things to have a better life, regardless of the harmthey may cause to others.

As we can see, the basis of the capitalist system is doing business to make money. In other words "A free enterprise system." Sometime ago, middle-class families used to live on one salary. They received medical and dental coverage, the parent received 4 weeks of paid vacation and youngpeople could go to college without having to borrow from the bank. Obviously, these are things that we don’t see nowadays, due to the economic stagnation. How wouldit feel being back in those days? No worries and no big debts? I think it would be a great relief to our physical/mental health and even better to our pocket.
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