Capitalization rules

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Capitalization of words can often be tricky and confusing.  A good rule of thumb is that words are capitalized if they are unique persons, places, or things, or if, in a title, theyare important.  Of course, all sentences begin with a capital letter, as well.
Proper nouns and proper adjectives are always capitalized.  They fall most often into the following categories: Category | Example | Notes |
Particular people | Eleanor Roosevelt
Confucius |   |
Organizations | United Nations
Yellowstone National Park |   |
Calendar names:
·   Days of the week
·   Monthsof the year
·   Holidays
·   NOT seasons |
Monday, Tuesday
January, March
Martin Luther King Day
winter, spring, summer |   |
Geographical names | Bay of Biscay
Nile River
New York StateBoston |   |
Building names | Empire State Building
Sears Tower |   |
Directions which refer to a region, not a way to go | Maine is in the Northeast
Drive northeast on the old highway. | Oftenregions which should be capitalized are preceded by “the.” |
Group names
·    Political parties
·    Religious sects
·    Nations
·    Ethnic origin groups |
Bulgarian |   |
Government body and department names | the Senate
Department of Education | The "little words,” like “of” are not capitalized |
Historic names
·    Events
·    Periods·    Documents |
American Revolution
Age of Innocence
Magna Carta |   |
·   Titles before proper names
·   High government titles without names
·   College degrees
·   NOT most titles withoutnames |
Captain Hook
President of the United States

Bachelor of Arts degree
a group of representatives |   |
Words of family relationship
·   Family names when used as specific person’s name·   Relationship names when used before a proper name
·   NOT relationship names not naming a person |  
The cake belongs to Dad.

My Uncle Bill is a fireman.

Her aunt works at the...
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