Capitulo 8 sence an sencibility

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Mrs Jennings was very busy at this time, as her daugther Charlotte had a baby and was clearly in need of a fond mother´s advice. She visited Charlotte at least twice a day, and it was at the Palmer´s house that she heard a most interesting piece of news. She hurried excitedly back to tell Elinor.
"My dear Miss Dashwood, have you heard? Your sister-in-law is ill! Charlotte´s doctortold me! And do you know why? It appears that Edward Ferrars, the young man I used to joke with you about, has been engaged for over a year to Lucy Steele! And no one knew a word of the matter except her sister Anne! Could you have believed such a thing possible? What happened was this. The Miss Steeles are staying with your brother and his wife, as you know. Anne, who is a kind creature but of nocreate intelligence, thought that there would be no difficulty, as Fanny Dashwood seemed to like Lucy so much, so she told her all about the engagement. Well, your sister - in - law fell on to the florr, and started sobbing and screaming so violently that your brother hand to send for the doctor. Lucy and Anne were told to pack their bags and leave at once. Of course,

La señora Jennings estabamuy ocupado en este momento, ya que su hija Charlotte tuvo un bebé y fue claramente en la necesidad de consejo de un aficionado a la madre. Visitó Charlotte por lo menos dos veces al día, y fue en la casa de los Palmer que escuchó una pieza más interesante de las noticias. Se apresuró a decir de nuevo con entusiasmo Elinor.
"Mi querida señorita Dashwood, ¿has oído? Su cuñada, la ley está mal!Charlotte médico me ha dicho! ¿Y sabes por qué? Parece que Edward Ferrars, el joven me decía en broma con usted acerca de, ha ha dedicado más de un año con Lucy Steele! Y nadie sabía una palabra del asunto a excepción de su hermana Ana! ¿Podría haber creído tal cosa posible? Lo que pasó fue esto. Steeles La señorita se queda con su hermano y su esposa, . como ustedes saben-Anne, que es una criaturaamable, pero de no crear inteligencia, pensaba que no habría ninguna dificultad, como Fanny Dashwood parecía como Lucy tanto, por lo que le dijo todo acerca de la participación Bueno, su hermana -. en -. la ley cayó sobre la florr, y comenzó a sollozar y gritar con tanta fuerza que su hermano la mano para enviar al médico y Lucy Anne les dijo que sus maletas y dejar de una vez por supuesto.

Ofcourse, the Ferrars familywanted Edward to marry that rich Miss Morton. But I have no pity for them. I cannot bear people who think money or greatness is important. There is no reason why Edward should not marry Lucy. She knows better than anyone how to make the most everything, and if Edwards`s mother allowed him five hundred pounds a year, they could live confortably.
Mr Jennings, to Elionor´srelief, no longer suspected her of having any interest any interest in Edward, but she could talk of nothing else, Elionor, knowing that Mariana would be fierce in her anger against Edaward, was now anxious to tell her sister the truth and to prepare her to hear the subject discussed.
Mariana listened to Elionor´s story the horror, and cried without stoping. For some time, Edward seemed a secondWillouugby to her. She could not understand his behaviour, or accept that he could feel affection for such a person as Lucy.
"How long have you known this, Elionor? she asked. Four months. Lucy told me of her engagement at Bartton, and I promised to keep it secret.
What All the time you were looking after me in my misery, this has been on your heart? How could you bear it?
By feeling that I wasdoing my duty. I had to keep Lucy´s secret, and I did not want to worry my family and friends. Four months and yet you loved him.
Por supuesto, el Ferrars family wanted Edward casarse con la señorita Morton que ricos. Pero no tengo compasión por ellos. No puedo soportar las personas que piensan que el dinero o la grandeza es importante. No hay razón por la que Edward no debe casarse con Lucy....