Capitulo x de sentido y sensibilidad

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Chapter X
Elinor tells to Marianne all that Colonel Brandon said to her about Mr Willougby did with Miss Williams. Marianne reaction was disappointment and sadness, her heart was broken. MissDashwood felt very bad to when she was entered about of all. She wanted that Marianne be in Barton, but they had to stay about five or six weeks more. However she was afraid that Marianne sees Willougby inLondon again.
Marianne and Elinor had to stay in London because their brother-in-law could be in February and they had to visit him. Marianne didn't like this situation but she submitted withoutopposition .Conversations in Mrs Jennings's house were about Willougby, the kind of man he is, or conversations they had with him before or they were angry and hate him. only Lady Middleton sometimeexpressed kindness about the situation.
Coronel Brondon and Elinor made a good friendship, but Mrs Jenning's thought others things and left to make jokes to Elinor about Mr Ferrers. Sometime later, earlyin February, Elinor said to her sister that Willougby was married. She receipted a letter from him and decided tell her before she knew by others. Marianne took it as well as she could.
Unfortunatelyto Elinor, two Miss Steeles arrived to London and had to hear Lucy's poisoned words about why they are still in town. Then, they became talk to Mrs Jennengs about how they come to London with DrDavies, but they returned to talk about the first item again, then they asked about Marianne why they didn't stay there and Elinor had to bear all of their impertinences.

Chapter XI
They went outwith Mrs Jennings at Grey's store to find jewelry to Mrs Dashwoods. They had to wait because the store had many people, particularly a man which asked many kinds of things. Then in the same place theyfound their brother, he was happy to see them and started to talk to Elinor; he was very interested man, so he was very happy that Elinor and Marianne had very rich friends and he wanted to meet them....
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