Capitulos ata100 para mantenimiento aeronautico

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GROUP DEFINITION — AIRCRAFT | The complete operational unit. Includes dimensions and areas, lifting and shoring, leveling and weighing, towing and taxiing, parking and mooring, required placards, servicing. |
05 |PERIODIC INSPECTIONS | Manufacturers' recommended time limits for inspections, maintenance checks and inspections (both scheduled and unscheduled). |
| -00 | GENERAL | |
| -10 | TIME LIMITS | Those manufacturer recommended time limits for inspections, maintenance and overhaul of the aircraft, its systems and units, and life of parts. For engine manufacturers this will include the flight cyclelives of major rotating components and other items designated critical. |
| -20 | SCHEDULED MAINTENANCE CHECKS | Those manufacturer recommended maintenance checks and inspections of the aircraft, its systems and units dictated by the time limits specified in -10 above. This section shall list in more detail the items which are outlined on the airline job forms (usually by title only), and shallcross -reference the detailed procedures included in the individual Maintenance Practices. |
| -30 | [AS REQUIRED] | Reserved for use in those cases where the number of breakouts provided by the fourth digit of the -20 breakout is not sufficient to cover all of the maintenance checks dictated by subsystem -10 above. NOTE: Inclusion of the data described in -10 through -40 above, in any manual ormanual publication is specifically prohibited unless required by government regulation. Airlines desire the manufacturer's recommended time limits and scheduled maintenance checks but these should be provided in a separate document. |
| -40 | | |
| -50 | UNSCHEDULED MAINTENANCE CHECKS | Those maintenance checks and inspections on the aircraft, its systems and units which are dictated byspecial or unusual conditions which are not related to the time limits specified in -10 above. Includes inspections and checks such as hard landing, overweight landing, bird strike, turbulent air, lightning strike, slush ingestion, radioactive contamination, maintenance checks prior to engine-out ferry, etc. |
06 | DIMENSIONS AND AREAS | Those charts, diagrams, and text which show the area,dimensions, stations, access doors / zoning and physical locations, of the major structural members of the aircraft. Includes an explanation of the system of zoning and measurement used. |
07 | LIFTING AND SHORING | This chapter shall include the necessary procedures to lift and shore aircraft in any of the conditions to which it may be subjected. Includes lifting and shoring proceduresthat may be employed during aircraft maintenance and repair. |
| -00 | GENERAL | |
| -10 | JACKING | Provides information relative to jack points, adapters, tail supports, balance weights, jacks and jacking procedures utilized during aircraft maintenance and repair. |
| -20 | SHORING | Those instructions necessary to support the aircraft during maintenance and repair. Includes informationon shoring materials and equipment, contour dimensions, shoring locations, etc. |
08 | LEVELING AND WEIGHING | This chapter shall include the necessary information to properly level the aircraft for any of the various maintenance, overhaul or major repairs which might become necessary during the life of the aircraft. It shall also include those units or components which are specificallydedicated to record, store or compute weight and balance data. Includes those maintenance practices necessary to prepare the aircraft for weighing. |
| -00 | GENERAL | |
| -10 | WEIGHING AND BALANCING | Those units or components dedicated to the specific function of recording, storing or computing weight and balance data. |
| -20 | LEVELING | Provides information relative to those units or...
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