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  • Publicado : 30 de enero de 2011
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Once you this equipment, you will become beautiful without any worry

Deluxe lying energy space

Operating introduction
Before installing and using this product, please read the chapters carefully
Please keep them in order to check In the future.


Nowadays, human begins are busy whit a high life style rhythm and great pressure.
They have no time or are too lazy to play atsports. Or do exercises. Addionality , consistent improvement of living standards has caused obesity. Bad spirits and aging
All of the working staff in Bovot Company see and are anxious about these developments. Whit persistent exploration and creation, the bovot series have been development such as computer controlled steam medical bathing sanitizing spaces…. Etc. combining Turkish sauna andchianese ancient emperor medical baths, whit consideration of fashion and tegnology, they are easy to operate whit obvious beneficial results.
The characteristics as fallows
1.- macro- computer controlled. Whit LCD, time and temperature can be adjusted, it can sterilize to protect the environment. It also can connect FM/CD/VCD, automatically clean. It is used for massage on the feet, back orchest or the whole body. Automatically supplies and drains water out, it can control water levels and temperature.
2.- head is placed outside: this is the difference from the traditional sauna. Putting the head outside is better for breathing, so it can keep you relaxed respire freely and make you comfortable.
3.- flow care: steam or infrared is absorbed by human skin so trhat it can promote skinmetabolism and blood cycling to release energy freely. It can take the waste out to make up for the shortage of sports activities. Therefore, it can reduce weight and take the toxin out, clean out the innards, and increase youthful activity. It can be used with Chinese herbs to cure obesity problems, and make the skin body beautiful, enliven the brains and nerves and strengthen manhood and kidney.4.- safety and reliability: the product focuses on human safety. Electronics controlled block and plugs are designed to ensure the safety and reliability. Output voltage is 12 36V, so you can use it safely..
5.- low operating cost: once costs one degree of electricity, 1 2 kg of water. It is cheap enough to use.
6.- quality guarantee: the products are guaranteed for one year including freemaintenance. We can provide after service after the first year.
Furthermore, the models are designed for multiple functions: sitting, half-lying, lying, room style. And the functions are single, multiple and overall. Anyway, there is at least one way for you. Only if you enjoy 20-30 minutes daily, can you keep perfect shape and good spirits.
With life improvements and back to nature trends,“bovot” is leading the fashion. The products have been used in sauna leisure centers, health care and beauty centers, hotels and entertainment centers, beauty and shampoo centers and family health care. Let us work together, make us healthy. Health is everything.
Our company will do our best to develop new generations for products to achieve our goals, “once you own this equipment, you will becomebeautiful without any worry”. We are sure that you will be more healthy and beautiful.

Deluxe lying energy space
1.-Main functions: The machine can provide steam, fumigation, water care remote infrared energy and spectrum light etc. therefore, it is a real multiple function health care equipment, its is also necessary for rich families, it is real family beautician.
2.-Model: MKD-A38
Size: 232x 86 x 105
Voltage: 220V power: 0.7 KW
3.- Operating instruction to computer controlled panel(whit Tone function):
a. Insert the plug whit electricity loose protect into outside socked (220V, 15A), press button 1 to connect power. Turn on the computer-controlled panel the screen displays the set time and current interior temperature.
b. Button 3,4: Temperature Control, Press Up or Down...
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