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  • Publicado : 17 de mayo de 2011
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What are Antacids?

-An antacid is any substance created with salt that neutralizes stomach acidity.

You might recognize them by the following pictures:

Do antacids have anyspecial effect?

-Antacids might be useful to alleviate a person’s health. However, it has its symptoms. Antacids are eaten or drunken by people who usually consume food with high calcium thataffects digestion. It is dangerous to eat that kind of food because it causes serious toxicity in the stomach. In other words, those people will pass through a constipation process which is acommon cause of painful defecation. For example, high calcium would provoke a diarrhea. After consuming the antacids, people dispose all the acidity from their stomach. Does that mean that they arein a perfect status? Does that mean that they will not suffer any circumstance? The point is that antacids are not beneficial for health.

What are the negative effects of the antacids?-Carbonate: May cause alkalosis which means a loss of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide formation during the gastric distension leads to headaches and detoxification.

Aluminum Hydroxide: Leads to lowlevel of blood-flowing and weakens bones of the whole body.

Magnesium Hydroxide: Leads to kidney failure and cardiovascular and neurological complications.

Sodium: Leads to high bloodpressure and heart failure.

First, a person should consult a medic if he/she can take the antacid to relieve his/her stomach. According to the medics, this medicine should be eaten or drunken bypeople with a healthy body. Otherwise, for unhealthy people the antacid would just be a drug that damages their body.

Problems with reduced stomach acidity
-Unable to digest correctly andabsorb certain nutrients, such as iron and the B vitamins.
-Some videos that might support the main idea about antacids.


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