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  • Publicado : 25 de abril de 2011
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U. E. N. “Los ROSALES”

Susan fuentes David J. García Hinojosa

Caracas, 11 de Enero del 2011

Christmas customs in EnglandGeographical situation:

Country: United Kingdom
Nation: England
Surface:1.579 km2
National: English
Capita: London

Climate: Winter
The days are short and cold (7 –8 hours of light )
Temperature: 1 and 5 Centigrade degrees

Christmas customs

The people share with their families. The preparations begin with anticipation.
The people send Christmas cards,there they write their good desires towards another person.
The family installs a Christmas tree in a special place of the house and they adorn it with lights and adornments.
The children hang theirsocks or pillowcases about the chimney or at the feet of the bed in order that Noel fills the socks of candies.
In the high places of the house the family hangs Muerdagos. The tradition is that thepairs place under the Muerdagos and this pair will have prosperity.

boxing day 26 / December

The persons give Christmas boxes. In the Christmas boxes the persons place gratuities or money.
Itis one day where the merchants receive their bonuses.
It is a date to visit to the family, friends and to devote itself to celebrate.
In this date activities are realized as parties of football andother sports of English tradition.

Christmas Day

The persons open their gifts
The families visit the churches attending to the religious practices.
The Christmas carols are sung in the eve ofthe navidad by groups of singers to their neighbors.
It is popular in the children the pantomimes, dramatizations of the song and of the
fairy-tales that encourage the participation of the...
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