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Blessed university Marius.
Faculty of economic and social sciences.
School of social communication.
Matter: Ingles III.

Teacher: Annery Veitia.

Larrea Inés Ci: 18.710.980.Palenzuela Kerly Ci: 18.443.732.
3er six-month, section E.

Caracas, 05 th June 2007.

Portugal, acquires seniority of service Lusitania, was conquered successively for the romen, for the spaniards and the arabs. Finished the fights to him proceeded to the reconstruction of the country, becoming afirst-rate power, that established extensive colonies in Africa, in the Indian and in the South America in 1881, depose to him independent the brazilwood tree that had been colonized in the XVI century, and it was the more big portuguesa possession. After it has been governed for several kings, someone as Carlos I. that reached to place to Portugal in economic very deplorable situation. In 1908and after a period of dictatorship it was assassinated Carlos I. with your major child. Your second child happened you with the name of Manuel II., which was dethroned when exploding the revolution of 1910 that gave for result the establishment of republicaing republic it.

Political-administrative organization.

Portugal has a surface of: 92.157 squares kilometers and apopulation: 5.975.000 inhabiting.

The territory of Portugal, in the Spanish part, this divided in 6 provinces, called: "Between Douro and Miño ", " after you it mounts ", "Extremadura", "Alentejo", and " Algarbe".

Portugal continental it divides in 18 districts:

• Aveiro
• Beja.
• Braga.
• Braganza.
• Castelo Branco.
• Coimbra.
• Evora.

• Beja.
• Braga.
• Braganza.
• Castelo Branco.
• Coimbra.
• Evora.

• Faro.
• Guarda.
• Leiria.
• Lisboa.
• Portalegre.
• Oporto.
• Santarém.
• Setúbal.
• Viana do Castelo.
• Vila real.
• Viseu.

Besides these, there is two autonomous regions: the Azores Islands (Açores) and Madeira. Each district is subdivided in municipalities ( |concelhos| inPortuguese ) and this one, in turn, in |freguesias|.


Portugal is very mountainous, but your earth is very fertile and your climate, in reason to your proximity to the sea, a lot of but pleasant that those of the inside of Spain. Portugal continental is divided in two for your main river, the slice (disk). northwards the landscape is mountainous, although the point buthigh of Portugal is sea of peak in the Azores Islands with an altitude of 2.351 ms. the south (Algarbe) offer above all the extensive plains, and your climate is somewhat but |calido| and it wither that the north, but fresh and but rainy.

The main rivers are: the Douro (Douro), the Montego, the Zêzere, the Sado, the Miño (Minho) and the Guadiana. in spite of that the slice (disk) isthe river of longitude major in the national territory, sprouts in Spain in the saw of Albarracín. The major laughs one's applause of exclusively Portuguese is the Montego inflamed boil in sawing it gives Estrela.

The Portugal capital is iris boa, on the right border of the slice, built on seven hills, with 356.000 inhabiting, the mouth of the river forms the port, that is very roomy,but your access is enough difficult, the earthquake of 1755 waste great number of your better buildings, perishing 35.000 appear in person, by having been lofty on your ruins for the minister Pombal. Possesses two arsenals for the marine the practice, dockyards, manufacture of founding of gun barrels, many hospitals, numerous theaters, among them those of saint Carlos of wines, oil, lat strands...
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