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Log on and fill the gaps according to that video.

This dress is ______________________________that dress.

This bag is _______________________________that bag.

These glassesare___________________________those glasses.



Superlative Form: Use it when you talk about more than two people or things.

Use the + superlative.

1- Add –est to short adjectives like: calm, clean, cold, cool dark, full, great, hard, high, light, long, low, new, old, poor, proud, quiet, rough, smooth, short, smart, tall, warm, young, etc.Examples: Rosa: 12 Rita: 15 Jenny: 17

Rosa is the youngest girl. The youngest girl is Rosa.

Jenny is the oldest of the three. The oldest of the three is Jenny.

2- Double the last letter and add –est to adjectives with this pattern consonant vowel consonant like: big, fat, hot, sad, thin, wet, etc.


The gray ball is the biggest one.

The biggestball is gray.

3- Change “y” to “i” and add –est to adjectives such as: angry, busy, cloudy, dirty, early, easy, empty, foggy, friendly, funny, happy, heavy, lucky, noisy, pretty, sunny, thirsty, ugly, windy, etc.


Box C is the heaviest of the three.

The heaviest box is C.


4- Add –st to adjectives that end with letter “e” like: brave,handsome, huge, large, late, little, nice, safe, etc.

Examples: The white star is the littlest one.

The littlest star is the white one.

5- Irregular superlative forms: good = the best bad = the worst far = the farthest / furthest.

Examples: Yamileth: 96 Hannio: 75 Xinia: 43

Yamileth’s grade is the best one.

Xinia’s grade is the worst.

6- Use the most-with long adjectives such as: awful, beautiful, boring, careful, clever, dangerous, delicious, difficult, excited, exciting, expensive, famous, frightened, helpful, important, intelligent, interesting, un/popular, scared, terrible, tired, unfriendly, unhappy, unlucky, wonderful, worried, etc.

Examples: bronze ring $4 silver ring $ 8 gold ring $16

The golden ring is the most expensive ofthe three.

The most expensive ring is the gold one.

Other Comparison forms:

The same (as):

Examples: A B A and B are the same.

A is the same as B.

Similar (to):

Examples: C D C and D are similar.

C is similar to D.

Different (from):


E F E and F are different.

E isdifferent from F.

Like = similar to this + be + like + that.

Alike: similar this and that + be + alike.

Examples: You have a ball point pen with blue ink.

I have a ball point pen with blue ink.

Your pen is like my pen.

Our pens are alike.

As…as: when similar things are the same in an aspect.

Pattern: As + adjective + as.Examples: John is 21 years old. Mary is 21 years old.

John is as old as Mary.

This watch is $5200. That watch is $5200.

This watch is as expensive as that watch.

Negative Examples…verb be + not + as + adj. + as…

Fred is 20 years old. Jean is 21 years old.

Fred isn’t as old as Jean. Fred is younger than Jean.

This book costs $3. That book costs $5.

Thisbook isn’t as expensive as that book.

This book is cheaper than that book.

Less… than: it’s the opposite of more. It’s used with adjectives that have two or more syllables, except adjectives that end in –y; it’s not usually used with one syllable adjectives.

Example: This book costs $3. That book costs $5.

This book is less expensive than that book.

A cat is less...