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The European economy was expanding, as a result of the Industrial Revolution and thecapitalist economy, the world trade increased.To cater the needs of this transportation augmentation there was needed to develop new infrastructures like ports and railway lines.
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International maritime traffic depended of an economic structure defined by the coal industry and a commercial centre located in the United Kingdom that wasto a burgeoning commercial hub an through metal working, electromechanical enginering and shipbilding companies.
This turned Wales and north east England into an important international tradeaxis, that was connected to the Iberian archipelagos throug many shipping lines.
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To tend to the needs of this shipping lines, there were installed coal deposits thatsupplied the coal in small quantities. The coal-bunkering operations were carried out at the several ports on the Atlantic archipelagos and on the nearby African coast.
The Canary Island`s portsbegan to increase significantly, and the coal supply hegemony of the Islands was confirmed by the 1930s.
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TheCanary Island ports began to supply coal in 1838, in this year also the port of Sta. Cruz was given the status od coal supplying port, enjoying no custom tariffs.
After the declaration on free portsin 1852, only 62 ships visited the ports, generating 4,837 tonnes.In the last third of the 19th century, began to be stored large quantities of coal for shipping.
The Islands are located in theroute for all the ships sailing to the south, and this is why they`re coaling stations were so important for the companies whose steam ships sailed to Cape Town , New Zealand and South America.