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“The 10 most popular cartoons in our childhood”
Remember to the young people the cartoons they saw in their childhood and the causes they had to see them and the reason for thosewe stopped to see them.
I. Introduction
a. Maybe you dont remember the cartoons you saw when we were children, I will remember you the most popular cartoons that a lot of us saw and somereasons for we want to saw them.

II. Body
A. Popular cartoons
i. Scooby-Doo
1. Was a group of friends that always were looking for mystery they always were in the Machine Mystery
2.Produced by Hanna Barbera
3. EEUU-1969 was EMITIDA por primera vez
4. Solving mystery problems that had a supernatural force
5. Scooby and Shagy always were looking food to make a sandwichin the refrigerator.

ii. The Pink Panther
1. Was about a feline that look a way to make the things fun, it was very intelligent and look the way to get out of a trouble, it was mute and with italways was the inspector Clouseau.
2.Produced by Fritz Freleng
3. Decades of 60´s and 70´s
4. Won an Oscar award

iii. The Woody Woodpecker
1. Was about a bird that was carpenter and allthe adventures it had and how it bother another people.
2. Designed by Ben Hardaway,
3. Produced by Walter Lantz that while he was his honey moon he heard a carpenter bird knocking thecelling, he gets very angry and he through a stone to it and bird do a very loud noise that give the origin if the Woody’s laugh.

iv. Rocket Power
1. Is a group of friends that always they werelooking for adventures, their favorite activities to do were surf, skate and skating. They were always together and when someone gets into in a trouble the rest of the friends look the solution to go out ofthe problem
2. Enemies
3.Produced in the animation study with Klasky and Csupo.
4. South California
5. Theme: extreme sports

v. Hey Arnold!
1. Was about a boy that was very intelligent...
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