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amigo de rocky
Daniel lore- Narraador
Ivan drago
vato que presenta a ivan
1ra Escena [Poner al leon y la cancioncita] rokcy peleando con apollo y rocky le gana a apollo y da un salto con su etrenador.[1minuto]
Entrne: NOOOOO!
Roky, comon comon
whole: shout and say yeah
Referee:1., 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 these out! [Scene ends]
A; made ​​a deal
R: lose but this is crazy
R: is mentally anomalous right?
A, but it makes sense, you owe me a favor,
R: When did you lose this happen?
Ar: three years ago
A: This is crazy, apollo
A: I won stallion for a second, you beat me by one second is very difficult to accept
A: Do not tell me you learned to digest?
A: menti
R aah lied (risaas)
R: And now you must proveit
A: no TV or newspapers, only you and me.
A: only you and me, first the old
A: what you say, ready?
A: absulatemente [empiesa la pelea y tocan la campana tin tiiin] 15seg peleando se dan un golpe cruzado y se acaba la 1ra escena.

2da escena:presentan a ivan drago, pino y daniel
NaArrador: good morning today I have news for boxing there is a new Russian fighterwill present it
pine: helloall, the Soviet Union is capable altamaente boxing have a very high level, we present to ivan
Miklo, comes out and says nothing: [30segundos} where pine Miklos and leave alone
Sitting in the 3rd scene talking bout d ela R and A
R: hey I can ask you something apollo?
A: Yes, what?
R: Do you think Russia's fight is with someone else?
A: If it is against, then what against whom?
R,perhaps against you
A: These bad
R only say what I think [the scene is over

the 4th stage
N: tonight, the most anticipated boxing event of the year most anticipated, Ageagainst youth, an exhibition, where the former champion apollo Crell faces a mountain ivan drago muscle dde [narrating this scene lore Miklos and pine androkcy scene with Apollo]
Pino: you're ready drago Beat and show that you knowyou better!
nomas drago cold and gloomy look
Scene is the 5th in the ring! Apollo fights Drago vs [in this scene come all! referee,rocky, apollo, ivan, pine, all in difernetes papers]
Comentarista1: good night. Welcome to this rather unusual event where a rookieextranejo ivan drago apollo fought against a man of great experience.
  Referee: hi all I will present to the United StatesChampion; Rokcy (rocky salutes and goes out) eset event will be great. color in this corner hundred kilograms__________ and hit the king of the former Apollo campion creel
Commentator: the audience goes crazy for the great emotion of the peel
Referee: This ezquina gold medalist and undefeated amateur boxing Ivandragooooooo
Apollo: you win, you gain the
Commentator, both fighters go to the centerfor directions
Referee: already know the rules, shake hands and fight
(scene of fists)
Apollo: You gain the
ivan: you will lose
apollo: very good
Commentator: I can not believe the size of Russian, is enormous
Cometnraris: creed is dancing five years ago q does not fight.
[drago paste is left like 5 times, then hits apollo apollo and drago is supported anddragon wings pushes hitting strings andis followed until the bell rings
Coach: ahii salt, throw in the towel!
Commentator: Drago takes over
Ring and is running out
Coach: they are doing is just exhibition bout uan.
Comentraista: apollo etsa bleeding
Rokcy: I stop the fight
Apollo: You will not promises q
[Fight again]
creell dances and hits drago drago and then does nothing fromropes brings upgood elgolpe q lomata hits and convulsions and dies]
Cometarista: This is the beating of his life
Coach: Throw the towel, throw aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Ivan. nobody can defeat me overcome the champion!

ivan pine once said: we fight in russia if not, no fight, I fear for the life of my friend
7rokcy trains and do 1 min of net training! with music, recording esecna one and allrun, be shila that part!
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