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This is the story how Arlene Blum, an American mountaineer, led the first all women
team to climb Anapurna.

1. How long had she been planning theclimb? | She had beenplanning the climb for two years. |
2. How many women were in the team? | In the team were eleven women. |
3. How did they meet? | Two of them were Arlene's friends, and the rest of the group werechoose. |
4. When did the women arrive inKathmandu? | The women arrived in Kathmandu in August 6th 1978. |
5. Why did they climb with Sherpas? | They decided to climb with Sherpas because they know themountains very well and are excellent climbers and porters. |
6. How many camps did the teammake? | The team made five camps. |
7. Which was the most difficult part ofthe climb? | The mostdifficult part of the climb was above Camp 2. |
8. What was Arlene’s decision afternearly six weeks on the mountain? | Arlene decided to divide the gruop in two teams.|
9. Write a short description about thetwo teams? | TEAM 1: Is theteam of Irene, Vera Karmakova and Piro. They will use oxygen.Theu must try to reach the summit between 14th and 16th October. TEAM 2: Is the team of Vera Watson, Alison and Annie, with two Sherpas. |WRITE A SHORT PROFILE OF THE MOUNTAINEERS:

Arlene Blum | An American mountaineer with many experience of climbing high mountains. |
Vera Watson | Forty-six years old and shewas a computer scientist. She had been climbing mountains for many years. |
Irene Miller | A scientist and a mother of two daughters. |
Joan Firey | Forty-nine years old. He had climbed mountainsall over America and Canada. |
Alison Chadwick | British climber who had climbed higher than any of them. |
Annie Whitehouse | Twenty-one years old and she was falling in love with Yeshi, the...