Carlos tévez: top footballer or top model?

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Lesson Plan
• Revising Simple Past tense with time expressions.
• Using these time expressions to write a biography with given data.
• Reading about a famous personality.
• Reflecting on the value of hard work and good actions in life.

Reasoning supporting the choice of text:
The main reason is the great motivation of students nowadays due to the 2006 WorldCup. The text is authentic, downloaded from Wikipedia, so it is a good opportunity to assess their ability to handle this kind of material. Only the ending of the article was altered with the addition of information relevant to expose Tevez as a model to follow.
Carlos Tevez as well as Juan Pablo Sorín are both valuable references in a society where effort and good actions to help other people areextremely underestimated.

Target learners: Polimodal students 2nd Year or 3rd Year

Proficiency level: Pre-intermediate.

Timing: 2 (two) hours with a 5 minute break. The writing will be done at home.


Pre – Reading: Analyzing paratext
1. Looking at the pictures: Ss answer questions like: Who do you see? What is he doing in both pictures? What do you know about Tevez?2. Looking at the title: Ss give their opinion on the question: Is Tevez a “Top footballer or a top model”? This will not be worked in detail at the beginning because it will be referred to at the end of the lesson in the reflection time.
3. Reading the newspaper entries: Ss see the dates, and analyze the content. The first statement dates from Tevez’s beginnings in Boca. It is importantto point out the fact that he had then the chance to earn a lot of money, but was willing to go back to school. The second was made very recently during the World Cup.

In – Reading:

1. Scanning activity: Ss read the text and find specific information. Ss are asked not to pay attention to the words in bold this time. Ss complete the chart.
2. The second reading will be done by theteacher, stopping to explain some new vocabulary or expressions, and asking comprehension questions.

Post – Reading:

1. Using the information in the chart and the text, Ss write questions.
2. Role-play: Ss act out their dialogues.
3. Analyzing time expressions: Guided by the teacher, Ss read and analyze time expressions. The teacher gives extra examples with the same expressions.If there is time left, this exercise to complete sentences using the expressions may be given.

a. ________________ Sam was a child , he took some guitar lessons.
b. I am going to the dentist. ________________ I am visiting Tom.
c. ________________ the war my aunt lived in Italy.
d. ________________ he did his homework, he watched TV for an hour.
e. Hegraduated ________________ twenty five.
f. He couldn’t have a pet ________________ his mother accepted.
g. She is ________________ working as a secretary.
h. They read the novel at school, and ________________ they answered the questions.
i. He was born ________________ 1975.

4. Writing: Ss read information about Sorín. It is important to point out inwhat way Sorín is helping other people. For homework Ss write his biography.
5. Reflection Time: Going back to the title Ss answer the questions and give their reasons.

Carlos Tévez: Top footballer
or top model?


Clarín.- August, 15, 2002.- “I’m going back to school. Ihave to finish secondary school. I promised my mum”, said Tévez.

BBC News.- June, 2006.- “If we can secure a good result against Ivory Coast, then we will be on the right track,” insists Tévez.

Carlos Alberto Tévez was born on February 5, 1984 in Ciudadela, Buenos Aires Province. He is an Argentine footballer who made his name with Argentine Boca Juniors and currently plays for Brazil's...