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  • Publicado : 15 de febrero de 2011
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Television: A New Member

The television is nowadays another member of the family. In my house is always on and it is part of our life. When I was a child I used to ask my how it was possibleto live without one. Through the time, the television has gained more and more power. Kids are constantly watching television and it has past from a thing to entertain to something thatteaches. The role of the father that teaches and tries to educate their child has change. The parents have to work more and more everyday and have no time to spend with their kids. The television hastaken this role and is teaching the values of life. This is a major problem because the young people do not learn what their parents would like to; instead they are being educated as thetelevision wants. Sex, violence and alcohol are recurrent themes that the television always touches. From personal experiences I can say that I had learnt more about those three subjects through thetelevision than from the voice of my parent. I do not want to say that my father and mother did not know how to educate me but I think that the television could not be controlled. Government shoulddo something to stop all this junk that is on television and is damaging kids’ mind. As the article says, sex as well as alcohol and many bad habits are taken like something common in life.These scenes can be seen at any hour in almost all the channels. It is really hard for the parents to limit the television to the children because is already a member of the family itself and itcan be found in almost every home in the United States. The television is something that a family watches daily and what happen when those bad things are considered as common by the little kids?The television should teach educational values and avoid scenes of sex, alcohol and violence. Parents should step up and do something for their daughters and sons, in other words, the future.
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