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Resume Template

Contact Information :
Full name
Campus and permanent addresses
Telephone numbers
Email address
Objective : The objective should make a concise statement in your resumethat tells the reader about your career goals and/or expresses your interest in a specific job or vacancy. This may include:
A general or specific job title from your field/industry.
Anyqualifications you wish to state up front such as computer competencies, years of experience, education, or skills such as management, organization, communication or leadership.
Summary of Qualifications :Recommended for experienced professionals. This section should consist of a minimum of three, and preferably not more than ten 'bullet points', each describing an accomplishment in terms of results.Example : Accounting manager with five years experience in accounting. Strong management skills with extensive knowledge in statistical processes.
Accounting Education : In a reverse chronologicalorder, required information should include:
Degree(s) and major
Date of graduation (month and year)
Universities you attended
Location of universities (city and state)
Any certifications orlicenses related to your degree
Accounting Skills : Mention all your accounting related skills which make your resume outstanding.
Accounting Experience : List the most recent experience at the top.Emphasize your accounting related accomplishments and contributions.
Activities : You may want to list your extra-curricular activities that involve organizations, clubs, student governments,athletics and professional affiliations. You may use action verbs to describe your responsibilities and accomplishments just as you did in the Experience section.

1234, West 67Street,
Carlisle, MA 01741,
(123)-456 7890.

Seeking a position as an Accounting Assistant where extensive experience will be further developed and utilised.
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