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This spectacle this acclimated in the carnival of Brazil is thought to be represented about interior and consists of several parts. It is a global spectacle, in which the scene action considers very and simultaneously the participation of the public so that part of history feels, the public is a scenery of the spectacle. Form leaves from the same. A celebration canbe considered thematic but the difference is in which all the artistic and technical aspects of the same are taken care of much.

The spectacle consists of actors in charge to receive the assistants and to interact with the public, show of dance in the scene, battucada action of group of, action of capoeira, animation samba interacted with the public, entertainer of Latin rates that willinteract with the public, make-up artist of fantasy, portable scene, sound equipment of the spectacle, and two hours of movable discotheque to finish the celebrations as it must. Dancing.
INTERACTION. (Animation in room)
The assistants are received by the group of battucada and 3 dancing samba, that while accommodate to the assistants already is making it infect itself of the Brazil rate.
These thematic spectacles take built-in a portable scene. When the assistants already are seated, enjoying his dinner, they begin to pass things in the scene.
The spectacle of capoeira already is in the scene. The dancers with their spectacular jumps of up to two meters of stop, will make the delights of the assistants.
The battucada group of raises thescene and begins to infect to the attending public with its rates. Nobody resists. And if somebody resisted for that are the dancing samba, adorned with its better pens to make of the moment an absolutely participating act.
The rate follows and enters scene the entertainer of Latin rates who during 45 minutes will give a stroll you by the different popular dances but from Latin America. Samba,Meringue, Barchata, Regeaeton…

The entertainer of Latin rates already leaves people still on and prepared to dance to rate of the resident DJ.

One of the majors popular manifestations of the world, the Carnival is a faithful registry of the Brazilian cultural mixture. The celebration has own characteristics in each place of the Country, but some cities gain enhancement at that time of the year.The carnival is celebrated in all Brazil.

Rio de Janeiro: In the city of Rio de Janeiro the Schools of Samba march past in the Sambódromo, presenting/displaying their tangles and taking towards the footbridge of samba gigantic allegorical cars and near five thousands comparsas, with his varied fantasies – always in agreement with the subject of that one year, happening through the public as ifthey counted a history.

Recife - Olinda: In Recife and Olinda, in the State of Pernambuco, frevo - typical dance of the State -, it is the one who the celebration commands. The Saturday that it precedes to the Carnival, a multitude – almost million people – is going to the streets of Recife to dance at daybreak with the Rooster, the greater symbol of the pernambucana row. During the carnival,the old Recife is taken. In Olinda, the juergueros march past with their fantasies by slopes of the city.

Salvador: In Salvador, the State of Bay: The town fills the streets of Salvador to follow the trios electrical, that are trucks transformed into theater boxes, from where bands touch axé-music, typical of Bay. From the Pelourinho and of the Low City, groups afro are touching their drumsuntil arriving at the Place I castrate Alves, the heart of the carnival baiano, where a co-fraternisation is realised. This celebration has beginning a Saturday and finishes following Tuesday, almost always during the month of February. In agreement with the catholic calendar apostolic Roman, the Carnival is developed 40 days before Passover. In some places, the celebrations can begin before,...
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