Carnival of cajamarca

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  • Publicado : 30 de marzo de 2011
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The Carnival in Cajamarca
by Maria Angelica Apaza Castro January is the month when summer in Peru begins, and April is when it ends. Theweather is very, very hot, and people start to wear sandals and short clothes, wanting to cool down. Although Peru doesn’t have cold winters likeCanada, summer time is really warm. February is the time when we celebrate the Carnival. During this time of the year, people need to be ready to getwet and throw balloons filled with water or in some cases, filled with paint. People must be sure that the balloons are filled to the maximum;otherwise, they are going to miss their victims. Nobody can escape from getting wet unless they stay at home. Cajamarca is the name of the citythat is famous for the extreme celebrations of Carnival. In February, people are usually on vacation, and if they want to go outside, they must wearold clothes because they can be hit with balloons filled with water or paint. Lots of Peruvians and tourists enjoy it a lot. The Carnival issupposed to finish at the end of February, but kids and teenagers keep playing until March. For example, when I was twelve, I went back home wet andwith many colours on my clothes.

Maria Angelica Apaza Castro is from Cusco, Peru and has been in Montreal since September 2005. She will bestudying Social Science this upcoming semester and hopes to apply into the Nursing program later on.
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