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Chapter l

We end up getting out of life what we decide to settle for.

Emily Taylor, that’s me. Even though I have my own identity, Miss Mary’s strong, almost over powering personality hadsometimes become more evident than my own inner character. She was an extremely loving person and I generally found it acceptable to permit our interaction to take whatever course. I am by nature; quiet,a good listener, never gossip, keeping to my own needs in life rather methodical without much interference. Tranquil. Why yes, my life in general has been tranquil.
Miss Mary and I developed a strongbond over the years. I was her companion/ secretary until she died, totaling nearly 22 years, a good part of my adult life. During that time she was to reveal to me the secrets of her heart: thejoys, the heartaches, and the meaning of her ever-exciting existence. The many things she spoke of, I still find perplexing; they were confidential, sometimes complicated, amazingly humorous at times,including some unfilled desires.
She was this energized older woman; short curly grey hair atop her head, observant dark brown eyes that never let you out of her gaze. She had a perfectly round moleon her chin. Her eyes were small, magnified by her glasses. Her hands are painfully swollen, she walked with a limp and her knees hurt her as well, yet her mind stayed ever alert as she often recalledincidents from her colorful life.
Our housekeeper came twice a week; changing linens, dusting, cleaning both windows and floors, and generally tidying up the house. She was a tremendous help. Yes,Susan made life endurable here with Miss Mary. She lightened my load.
We laughed a lot together over some trivial happening, it has brought us together as friends as well as business partners; caringfor all her personal needs, after washing and combing her hair I would arrange the locks atop her head. Poor thing she couldn’t even pick up hair pins. Sometimes she demanded perfection to the...
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