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Welcome to 'Career Strengths' astrology, a personal report about finding Personal's vocation, the right path for him to succeed in life. Making a living, making our way through life, is somethingthat each of us has to do and we don't always know what we really want to do until we find it. Many of us end up working at a job we did not really choose and for which we might not be all that wellsuited for or that will not make us all that happy.
Perhaps we have been educated, learned this or that particular skill, and already have some idea what we are good for and can do. We may or may nothave had this or that kind of schooling or training, but that does not automatically mean that what we are doing for a living now is the only thing we can do or that we will be all that fulfilleddoing it. What are you really good for? How might he be best put to use in this life? What would Saul be actually happy doing? These are the kind of questions that this report can be helpful atanswering.
Astrology provides another look at your personal vocational options, regardless of what he already thinks of himself or is doing for work, a second opinion and fresh take. The Career StrengthsReport is designed to describe the basic role you tend to take on in life, his overall approach to work in this world, and how he might be most useful to himself and others. Being useful, being used ina way that is satisfying is one of the main keys to happiness. This report is designed to help put you in touch with his own core abilities and to sketch out an approach to work that should benatural for him.
For starters, while most of the other main StarTypes really need to interact and relate to one another on an almost constant basis, here we have a StarType that is in no way quite thatneedy. You have the role of "the Manager" and the "Managed" locked up in one birth chart. He may not require all that much in the way of outside co-worker relationship at all. This StarType is...
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