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PRODUCTS 2011/2012
Effective from Juli 1, 2011

Private Wing® – THE ART OF FLYING For centuries, flying exerted a magical attraction on people, through its unique combination of artistry, creativity and the boldness of its daredevil pioneers. Each of the exclusive products from Private Wing® tells its own little piece of avionic history in its own special way. The focus of the unique designsby Private Wing® is a one-off flying exhibit. From the wing parts of the legendary Douglas “Dakota” DC-3, to the tails of the American F-86 pursuit planes, to the wings of the famous Vickers Viscount, the products created in Bessenbach, Bavaria (Germany) are extraordinary designer furniture with real collector´s value. Driven by a lifelong passion for flying, Private Wing® employees are constantlyon the hunt for rarities worldwide that can be transformed through lovingly detailed work into a unique piece of furniture. The excellent contacts of the founder and management ensure the acquisition of unique and difficult-to-obtain pieces. Private Wing® customers can choose from a range of ready-made design items or, after prior consultation in the show-room at the Bessenbach site, may selecttheir personal favourite and order it tailor-made to their individual wishes. Whether it is a conference table, made from the wings of the most famous pursuit planes of the 50´s and 60´s (e.g. the North American F-86), reception desks or bars from the engine covers of the Boeing 747, or a desk made from the wings of the Lockheed Hercules C-130: there is no limit to what Private Wing® can create, inaccordance with your unique design requirements. Customers also receive the corresponding original nameplate for their product, as a certificate of authenticity.

Private Wing® • Im Hahlenfeld 30 • D-63856 Bessenbach Fon +49 60 95 - 99 88 250 • Fax +49 60 95 - 99 88 251 •


C-97 Executive Desk Designed and constructedwith an authentic C-97 aileron that has been stripped, sandblasted, painted silver, clear varnish finished and custom mounted on aluminium legs. The vintage frame is covered with 10 mm tempered glass that highlights the construction details of this masterpiece. Custom colors are available to accent your home or office decor. There are only four frames left, after that they’re gone. Material:Aluminium, Steel, Glass Dimensions: 190 × 120 × 76 (L × W × H in cm)

C-97 Executive Desk

€ 4.950,– fob Bessenbach

The Boeing C-97 Stratofreighter was developed towards the end of World War II by fitting an enlarged upper fuselage onto a lower fuselage and wings which were essentially the same as the B-29 Superfortress. The prototype XC-97 was powered bythe 2,200 hp (1,640 kW ) Wright R-3350 engine, and even with this the performance was impressive – on January 11, 1945 the first prototype flew from Seattle to Washington, DC in 6 hours 4 minutes, an average speed of 383 mph (616 km/h). For the remaining models the powerplants were upgraded to the 3500 hp (2,610 kW ) Pratt & Whitney Wasp Major. The military transport had a useful payload of 35,000lb (16 t) and could carry two normal trucks or light tanks. Loading was by a retractable ramp into doors in the bottom of the fuselage, which was pressurised in flight. About 74 Boeing C-97’s were built, but the design really flourished in the guise of the KC-97 Stratotanker flight-refuelling tanker. The USAF Strategic Air Command had C-97 Stratofreighters in service from 1949 through 1978.

T-6 Texan Rudder Desk Be one of the lucky few to own a Private Wing® T-6 Rudder Desk. The skeleton aluminium frame once hidden by cloth is now clearly visible, sand-blasted and beautifully painted with a color of your choice. The vintage frame is covered with 10 mm tempered glass following the outline of this rare piece. Material: Aluminium, Steel, Glass Dimensions:...
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