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Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. is a multinational company that has its origin in U.S. It is the largest retailer in the world, and the largest company in the world for its sales and number of employees. Itsbusiness concept is the convenience store low price and high volume.

Great Value is one of the most powerfull brands that are under the control of Wal-Mart.

We are glad to introduce its newproduct:

Great Value Oil is the conventional line of virgin olive oil, extra virgin, and refined olive. The proposal is not only to market these products, but also to include a line with added specialfeatures, labeled with the Great Value brand and with the opportunity of entering foreign markets through its subsidiary in Chile.

These are our products:

Picual 60%, 40% Arbequina

Ithas an intense scent of herbs, a touch of tomato leaves and a clear aroma of fig tree sap. The taste is of medium intensity, highlighting a strong bitter on the palate and an itching sensation ofastringency on the tip of the tongue.

Arbequina 60%, 40% Picual

It has a scent of green apples, hints of tomato leaves and fresh herbs. It is harmonious to the palate, balanced between bitterand mild, with a mild itching at the end of the palate with an almond aftertaste. This oil is a gentle round of intensity that enhances the flavors of the dishes to spice.Commercial Proposal


I want to thank first you for the confidence in our company and our products, and second for giving us the opportunity to be a trading partner with you at all times toprovide the best value alternative for equipment and products required that may be offered by our company.

We always try to give a comprehensive service to our customers, business partners andfriends supplying not only products and equipment, but also systems that prove their efficiency and benefit at long term for those who use them.

Our technical sales, product demonstrations on...
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