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It is not to me difficult to write what I feel by you, but is as much what I feel that to express it with words not can. I do not know if you include/understand to me, I can decirte perfectly I wantto you, but decirte is not sufficient I want yet to you what I feel by you. I do not know if day to day it give account you of which it would give my whole life by you. I do not know if in each hugthat I give notes you as my heart tries to escape of my chest to go away to yours, as in each kiss who I give you my soul tries to escape to enter within your soul. The soul is divided to me when I amnot next to you, when you move away of my. I do not know if you include/understand it or you include/understand it, I only want decirte that there are words no the sufficiently infinite thing likebeing able to express by my mouth everything what I feel. I love you like never. Sometimes I am surprised much because I am strange to you and they have not happened but that hours from the last time thatestubimos together, I need to you. I want to be happy with you, sere always faithful to us, never concerned the rest, never nothing else influira in my, I love you, you know it, and that you alsowant to be happy to my side me makes enormous, greatest. You are the woman of my life and I am going to you to love by the rest of her, always I am going to you to support, to listen, to respect and tounderstand. For always my love.

No me resulta difícil escribir lo que siento por ti, pero es tanto lo que siento que expresarlo con palabras no se puede. No sé si me comprendes, puedodecirte perfectamente te quiero, pero no es suficiente decirte te quiero con todo lo que siento por ti. No sé si día a día te das cuenta de que daría mi vida entera por ti. No sé si en cada abrazo quete doy notas como mi corazón intenta escaparse de mi pecho para irse al tuyo, como en cada beso que te doy mi alma intenta escaparse para entrar dentro de tu alma. Se me parte el alma cuando no...
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