Carta de motivacion para salida al extranjero

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  • Publicado : 12 de enero de 2011
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Dear Sir/Madam,

I have known about the possibility of joining to the America programme which will be developed next year in United States, and which is organized by severaluniversities among which it is Universidad de Madrid, where I study the fourth course of my degree on business, marketing and law (LADE).
I am completely motivated by the ideaof belonging to the programme. I think it is the chance I was looking for because it allows me to grow up as person and as a professional.

I always wanted to know moreabout those important countries which are improving and are having an increase of their economy and industry. I think they are really interesting and I can learn a lot. However,travelling to United States is not only a great opportunity to learn business but to learn about a different culture and, of course, improve myEnglish.

I have been studying itsince I was a child and I can communicate in this language. However I love languages so I think I could take advantage from this too.

I am really excited with the idea ofgoing there. For that reason, since I knew that I could be one of the participants, I started to search on the two possible places where I can go. Both are excellent, however,searching about Colorado, I realized how good is the university in there and I thought it would be perfect to go there.

I want to take advantage from all the things that culture,people and university offer me. For that reason I am so interested in going there. It would be grateful if I could study in this place and I would like you to take it intoaccount when you decide.

Thank you very much for the opportunity you are offering me. It is a completely privilege for me to participate in this programme.

Yours faithfully
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