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Inglés I LADE
Fac. CC Económicas y Empresariales

Dpto. Filología Moderna

TASK 3: You work in the Sales Department of an outdoor furniture Company called “PORTICO PRODUCTS”, and have receivedthe following fax from a valued customer:

After checking your inventory on the computer below, decide what you are going to say to Mr Tucker. Write a formal business letter to reply with therelevant information, and make sure you use the appropriate style and layout

Hotel and Leisure Group
100 Beach Road

2nd February 2009

Dear Mr Tucker,

Thank you for your e-mail.I have received your e-mail but I have some problems. Some of the products that you ordered are not in stock. They are ordered but some of the products will arrive after 30th March. The productsthat you have ordered are the following:

1. Dinna dining chairs: this product has been replaced by Snakka dining chairs. The unit price is €12, and we have enough quantity in stock to ship them toyou immediately.
2. Rondda round tables: we have not enough quantity in stock in white colour. We have enough quantity in cream colour or you can wait until April 15th because we are going to receive100 units more. The unit price is €90. We will have enough quantity in stock to ship them you.
3. Flopp reclining chairs: we only have 20 units in white colour. We are going to receive on April 2nd400 units more. You can wait for them or you can order us this product in green colour because we have enough quantity in stock. The unit price in green colour is €60 and in white colour €75.
4. Sittaarmchairs: the unit price is €55 but we have not the quantity you want. On March 15th we are going to receive 300 units more in yellow colour. If you do not mind waiting, we will have enough quantityin stock to ship the rest to you immediately. If you are in hurry, you can order this product in white colour.
5 Likka footstools: we have enough quantity in stock in yellow colour and the unit...
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