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  • Publicado : 28 de octubre de 2010
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2303 Uchiha Avenue

Tokio, Japan

October, 23th

Dear eiichiro oda

First, i send greetings for you and your family, sorry, i´m writting YOU THIS BUT because ineed information about your country and i have a few questions. i need to ask you, but before starting my questions i inform, I come to your country on November 22ND, 2010on flight 325 OTA, more or less at the 11:59 pm, so PLEASE do not forget to go to the airport on that date.

My friend, forgive me for not writing in japanesse I stilla little hard for me, well I START with my questions, this is the first of all, could you tell me how the weather IS in Jjapon? I need know WHAT type of clothes I shouldbring, I need TO bring ANY papers, I want to bring all necessary papers, so there will be no problem when I arrive, can you tell me what are the paperworks do I need fortraveling to Jjapan?.

Another important thing, could you tell me what percent of language do I need to speak? , this question is very important for me because I´mstill practicing Japanese and I don´t know if my Lnevel of Japanese is the appropriate for travelLING to your country.

Also, i know i´m going to spend some time at schoolwith you; can you tell me how is the school system in Jjapan? I don´t not HAVE problem with the school, I wonder if I need to bring anything, books, notebooks, laptop,do you tell me.

One last question, as you know I like to draw, I wonder, when I arrive to Jjapan can you tell me where can I find people that draw manga in Jjapan? Thisis my dream, I want know to the best publishers of manga in the world.

I think that´s it for now, I'm anxious to get to Japan and fun together.


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