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  • Publicado : 16 de marzo de 2011
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June 20
Ramirez Importación y Exportación
Calle 13n 154
Bogotá 1, D.E.


Subject: Door-to-Door Delivery

Don’t throw this letter away! It’s worth real money to anybodywho’ll give us a chance to prove just
How good we are!

Why worry about keeping to those delivery dates stipulated in your Sales Contract using the regular,
State-owned mail service when you canmake use of a custom-made personalized, door-to-door
delivery service right now! We have a fleet of trucks near your town and, likely as not, based near your
block, just waiting to rush your goodsto their destinations.

We have already made ourselves into a household name in the US and now, by popular request, we have extended our operation to Latin America. We can provide transportation foranything from a string of pearls to a pipeline-to any destination you care to name. Just call us on a local low-toll number and we’ll quote you right away. We specialize in rock-bottom priced,just-in-time delivery with full insurance cover.

We’re waiting to hear from you. Just pick up that phone and call us – you’ll never look back!

May 21 of 2011

Santamaria & Cia.
Maruel AvilaCamacho, 67
11560 México, D.F.

Attn. Mr. Javier Barco Ribera

Dear Mr. Barco,

Many thanks for your enquiry of May 10 regarding the importation of our new, environmentally friendly,CFC- free packaging material.

We will have no difficulty in manufacturing and supplying the shapes you describe in the drawings included with your enquiry, since we have a molding technique whichenables us to customize packaging to customers’ specifications. So far, we have had an overwhelming response from all over the world to our new product and our production department is being expanded tocope with the increasing demand.

We enclose our catalog and current export price list. All prices are exclusive of tax and are quoted FCA US airport. At present, delivery to a US airport can be...
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