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  • Publicado : 13 de marzo de 2011
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Dear Madam:

The Hall college evening travel agency courser will start on March 20. The

course trains people to meet the problems involved in operating an agency. It is a 15-

hour coursethat meets three nights each week.

The teacher of the course is Mr. James Shelly, who has his own travel agency in

Great Falls.

If operating a travel agency appeals to your fancy, call ourevening school dean,

Mrs. Helen Small, at 118-1151. She can provide you with all the facts. But hurry – we

have to limit the class to 25 people.

Yours very truly,

Dear Sir:

Withthe Red River High School need a teacher of French in the fall? If it will, I

can supply you with a fine teacher – Mrs. Shirley James, who moved to Red River last

week with her three daughters.She bought a home on Church Avenue.

Mrs. James has taught French in grade schools as well as in high schools. She is

the author of two French readers that are selling well.

I am sure Mrs.James can do a fine job teaching French in your school.

Her data sheet is attached.

Yours very truly,


Dear Sir:

It takes a lot of copies of all types of papers to keep a largeinsurance firm like

yours going. That is why it is vital that you watch the cost of making those copies.

The cost of making copies on the new Model 18 white copier is small. It is so

smallthat it will surprise you.

May we have a member of our sales staff show you our copier in your own

office? The call will not obligate you to install our copier.

Sincerely yours,Mrs. Jack:

It is pleasure to tell you that the sales in Mrs. Small´s territory increase is not

large, but it shows that Mr. Small is learning the art of selling.

Please drop Mr. Small anote telling him that we are pleased with the job he is


Paul C. Page

Mr. Thomas:

On June 20 we are losing Mrs. Jerome Shaw, who has had charge of our mailing

room since...
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