Cartels and drug

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Essay: Cartels and drug trafficking in México

Today our country, Mexico is in a strong wave of violence and insecurity in which different drug cartels are the lords and masters of the country. Involved in a war where the strong federal government seeks the removal of these signs, thus increasing the murders, kidnappings, extortion and countless more works by the drug. How long will this waron drugs?

In one of the articles are two possible scenarios of what happens in Latin America and Mexico, the first is the perception of increased violence and crime in the quality of life, urban space and the physical integrity of society. And the other case say the state has been unable so far from solving the problem of insecurity.

One of the major concerns that do not work the decisionstaken by the government is that first erupt in violence and then implement policies to solve the problems and it is too late.

To inform people in general, about the problems that Mexico is suffering today, with drug trafficking and to see that the government has done so much against all this wave of violence.

Test conducted to raise awareness of the conflict thatexists in Mexico, the strategies that the government is trying to do against drug trafficking. That's why people should know about the great effort made by the government and they also put their small share of aid.

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It uses the concept of punitive populism, "Where the politicians are carrying out measures that aim, presumably, punishment and believe that most people endorse or agreewith them" (Arteaga, p.205). And this is where the rulers think they have the total right decisions you make.

In the article takes a little from that years theme is drugs and we can see that from the administration of Ernesto Zedillo (1994-2000) within the central policy and security issue. But at the end of this administration there was no evidence of an improvement.

Arriving Vicente Fox,his government would focus mainly on federal charges. He started with the militarization of the fight against drug trafficking and in 2003 gave one of the heaviest blows to seize a large quantity of cocaine and marijuana. Thanks to the militarization, police had almost no involvement in the drug war.

Municipal police forces suffered a major problem, which was corruption. There was a vastnetwork of corruption, especially where the police were mixed up.

One solution is to create a Latin American police reform, which must be reflected in measures such as the prevention and investigation and repression of organized growth, purification of the police etc.

It makes clear that the growth of the drug exists is because of the relationship of the drug with the police (Corruption). Thereare several examples such as leaks that were held in jails by the bosses and if they had no chance to escape they were working from prison.

The war is now against drugs is doomed to failure. Due to the militarization and punitive damages are the rulers. Drug taking most professional response, have better technology, weapons etc.
If you want to get to the end and the war need things like areduction in corruption in the country and police reform.

It is said that in the first two years of President Felipe Calderon have used six 943 thousand people, all of that figure due to disputes between cartels, where they fight the places of the country.

It explains why he is giving no credibility to the hard work being done by the federal government against the drug and gives threepossible answers to why the former is said to be hiding the true information, the second is because media did not broadcast the achievements and third is because it is said that organized crime is the one that really is winning this war.

This so-called media war is the conflict between two strong points looking to be the main focus of the media, I mean the one hand the government and other drug...
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