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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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Karen Flores

English 0310

Sharlie Hashim

Some difficult moment

Every one passed for a difficult moments in our life’s. About three years ago I had a difficult evenin my life that it was so special for me. My grandfather died of a heart attack. Everything was unexpected moment for us. He was like another father for me, we were always together, and who alwayscare about my sisters and I. He was someone very special for me.

Three years ago my grandfather died of a heart attack. He was sick of some others things but, he was controlled. Every month heneeds to go to a check of her health. One day before he went to her check, I was in her house, and I was talking with him about a lot of things, but it was wear because we’ve never talk a lot but thatday he started to asking me all about my family and about me. He told me that day to thing about my future and be nice in the school an all that stuff, and it was strange because he never told methings like that.

The next day that my grandfather went to her check in the hospital, the doctor tell us that something was wrong, that he needs to stay some time internship for they can foundwhat he had. After two days that he was there, the doctor say that he was ready to go to home, that everything was fine. But in the afternoon of that day he wants to go to the bathroom, but we don’tknow that he could not make the effort to go. In that moment that he went to the bathroom he fails a heart attack, so he dies. The last day that I saw him it was the day before he had the check in thehospital when he was talking with me about a lot of stuff. Know is weird because he told me all that things like the last time that I saw him, I am glad that some way I could dismiss him.

Hewas like another father for me. He always cares about what I do, he was like my nanny, he was the one go take me to the school, who fed me, who bought me sweet, just in small word, my everything....