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MADRE ADMIRABLE Name: ________________ HIGH SCHOOL Date: __________________
3rd “_____” Miss: Susana Ascencio T.

Listen and Read:

Cartoonsexisted in the past, they exist now, and they will probably exist in the future.

Reading comprehension:

Choose the best way to complete the sentence below:

1. When I was a child, I watched…… on the TV.

a. Music programms

b. Cartoons

c. News

2. Cartoons first existed in:

a. Comics

b. Newspapers

c. Strips

3. There were films based on storiessuch as ….

a. Goku

b. Snow White and seven Dwarfs

c. Bugs Bunny

4. Who created Mickey Mouse…

a. Walt Disney

b. Charles Schultz

c. Satochi Tajiri

5. Thecartoons are …..

a. Boring

b. Amazing

c. Interesting

II. - Look at the chart about PAST SIMPLE:

Positive sentences: Negative Sentences:

| I |PLAYED |basketball |Yesterday |
|YOU |LISTENED |to music |Two days ago |
|HE|PAINTED | a picture |Last week |
|SHE |WROTE |an e-mail to his |Last Sunday |
| | |brother ||
|IT |OPENED |At 7 o’clock |Last Monday |
|(THE SCHOOL) | | | |
|WE |ATE | asandwich |yesterday |
|THEY |TRAVELLED |by train |Last year |
|I|DIDN’T |PLAY |basketball |yesterday |
|YOU | |LISTEN |To music |Two days ago |
|HE | |PAINT...
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