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  • Publicado : 28 de septiembre de 2010
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When you arrive to Parras, vineyards at both sides of the road welcome you. The most important wine producer in the zone is Casa Madero. It history starts when Spanish conquerors arrivedto the territory that today is known as Parras de la Fuente. They were looking for gold but instead they found a paradise in the middle of the desert with the perfect weather conditions to makepossible the growing of vine and nuts.
In this valley was made the first wine in Mexico.
This winery opened its doors at 1574, but in 1597, Don Lorenzo Garcia stayed in these vineyards and continued thework of cultivate the vine to produce wine. The quality of this wine was so good, that got international fame; and when the King of Spain heard about it, he was afraid that the wine of the Americancolonies could oust the Spanish wine production. So in 1699 he forbade the commercial wine production, only the church was able to get wine from these colonies for free.
This way Hacienda San Lorenzo(now Casa Madero) survived until 1810 (when Mexico won the independence war against Spain)
In 1893, Don Evaristo Madero bought this property. He looked for the best wine making techniques from Spain,Italy and France. He also brought new and modern equipment for the wine production. These huge efforts placed Parras wine producers as one of the best in Mexico.
Nowadays Casa Madero is a museum too,because they kept the original wine making equipment.
When you got there you can see a kiosk, a chapel and a big old house. Casa Madero has 430 hectares, is the second biggest of Mexico. Producersthere are always looking for the best taste and smell in wine and they have made it, they have international recognition, they produce about 350, 000 boxes of wine.
Every year CasaMadero organizes a harvest festival. They celebrate on August 9 and 10. The whole town goes, and they can enjoy a parade, mariachi, regional music and dance, games, fire works, horse races, etc. They...
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