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  • Publicado : 22 de junio de 2010
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Principled Investing Gains More Fans: Green Funds

When we talk about retirement, we ask ourselves many questions. Do you want to save money forthe home of your dreams, do you want to buy an expensive boat for the summer house when you retired, or maybe you want to invest your savings in the stockmarket, whatever you decide to do in the future you must start early. Many young workers are doing just that, some are using the 401(k) plans, other are usingthe interesting green funds. Green funds are is an instrument for making collective investments in environmental active companies, which introduce new greentechnologies. According to Dean Kohmann, the growth of investment in his company like the 401(k) plans are expected to increase between the young workers. Ofcourse, the young workers want to invest in things that go accordingly with their own goals and aspirations. The CEO, and co-founder of Numi Organic Tea inCalifornia, Almed Rahim says they started to offer SRI choices in the company 401(k) plans; the reason for this is that he wanted his workers to save forretirement in investments that were aligned with the company’s values. He states that the investment in the 401(k) plans increased from 5% to 10-15%. It isessential to think about the future and how you would like to live at the end of your retirement and see how much you have save and invest it wisely, that is whythey are companies and organization that can educate you on how to obtain the right information.
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