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  • Publicado : 29 de noviembre de 2011
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We could said that bullshit (as the author explained over the pages), is a kind of dishonesty different and weaker than a normal lie. Bullshit itcan be weaker than a plenty lie, but still having the power to distort, change the knowledge of the people. I would say that when someone says something and this person don’t have the knowledge ofwhat he is talking about, that’s bullshit. When someone pretend that you have the knowledge but you don’t, someone desire to appear or pretend that he knows about any topic, but he doesn’t, what he willsay, that will be bullshit.
Bullshit is very commonly used for have a good response for the people instead of say the truth. I think that for understand what bullshit is, Frankfurt is verysuccessful when he describes bullshit as as “nonsense discourse presented as sense”.
The expression bullshit in too many times employed quite loosely, simply as a generic term of abuse, with no very specificliteral meaning. When something is bullshit (or in a polite way B.S) is because the person o group who had said that thing, didn’t have access to the real truth. Nowadays, I think that we can findtoo many bullshit when a politic say something and more with the economic and financial crisis. In Spain for example too many politics had said too many things that when an economic expert heard whatthe politic said, the last one thinks: “ he doesn’t have any idea”.

It is also very common to hear bullshit in some TV programs where the commentators talk about too many current issues. Thosecommentators know about economy, law, culture, energy…, they just know about everything but what they are saying is bullshit! They think that they know about everything, but they don’t.

Here are twoexamples that I think that I could be bullshit:

1. “Si gana el PP «dejará morir» el impuesto sobre el patrimonio” (If PP, the opposition political party in Spain wins in the next election, they...
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